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Macerator and Lifting Station

Ciclon: A full range of products adapted to any need.

Sanitary macerators with WC inlet and auxiliary connections Ø40 mm.  Ø 32 mm vertical outlet to glue. Equipped with non-return valve. Cassete system allows a fast and easy maintenance. Silent operation.

Lifting station. Equipped with non-return valve. Ø32 mm vertical outlet to glue with Cassete system allowing a fast and easy maintenance.

Concealed cistern with glass cover and incorporated sanitary macerator. Cistern with frame,  1125 mm high, 130 mm deep. With tempered glass front cover, enables an easy access to the unit.

With our sanitary macerators and lifting stations you can install a bathroom, toilet, laundry room or kitchen anywhere in your home, loft, chalet, basement or commercial place, where initially was not planned its installation during construction and therefore there are no drainage pipes.


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