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With over 30 years of experience, and 300 million units installed, JIMTEN is the market leader in systems for driving water PE pipes, both in the field of irrigation and construction.

Fitting Gama'55 offers the widest range of compression fittings for PE pipes (high and low density) in the market. Its compact design, ease of installation and reliability have been tested by the various European certification organizations.

The security operation is achieved through the perfection of their sealing system and design of its conical grip ring, FOR ALL polyethylene pipes and whose tensile and pull-out resistance  exceeds all specifications of existing standards. Jimten has the largest PE pipe fittings in the market. From Ø16 mm to Ø110 mm.  PE pipe clamp are available with or without reinforcement and pipe diameters Ø25 mm to Ø315 mm with female threaded outlet. JIMTEN also has a wide range of accessories in PP with BSP thread from ½ "to 3" for any transition to other materials.

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